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Why Plain.J

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Top-picked Fashion Forecasting



Identifying the “next big thing” in fashion has been notoriously difficult. In fact, yearly reports have never failed to highlight the eminent failure rates of fashion start-ups.


That means the next jewelry design could be a hit… or a miss.


So what makes our designs ever-popular? Simple. We curate the most genuine and freshest opinions from our fashion graduates from top-notched fashion schools in Asia. Rather than bombarding you with a mass variety of designs, we only offer the finest style selection!


Less is more.




We take care of your Sensitive Ears



It is without doubt that the first question that comes to mind is whether this pair of earrings is safe to wear. In this case, we relieve that worry of yours.


Our Plain earrings do not mask natural beauty. Unfortunately, this is the only process that we are not able to keep it plain and simple. Why?


Because our earrings go through more steps to ensure that they are safe to wear. First, our earring wires are modu-alloyed with tinges of niobium, making them more resistant to chemical reaction. Then these wires are coat-shielded with alcohol-based layer.


The result? Strutting along the streets of Fifth Avenue, decked with our pair of Plain.J, with absolute comfort.





We ship only the Best



Often, sub-par quality jewelries often escape the naked or careless eyes. Many brands, in an attempt to cut down cost, take advantage of this fact; which is why the mass market has tons of poor quality accessories. At Plain.J, we adhere to stringent quality control standards with premium materials.


For example, our faux pearls are made with our very own Plain.J formula—“blasted” with high-grade glass, together with mollusc. Thus, our pearls bear almost total resemblance to that of Japanese Akoya pearls.


In plain English, we only offer to you what we ourselves would put on—which is the brand commitment Plain.J promises.