Our Plain Model

cutting-edge supply chain

We keep our goal plain and simple:

delivering the finest selection of jewelries at the best possible price  


We believe delicate craftsmanship of materials are the crux of any jewelry; as such, we will continue our expedition around the globe until we uncover the finest make. Thus far, our pursuit has led us near and far from the Siem Reap province of Cambodia, past the high-fashion streets of Shanghai in China, to the charismatic small city of Singapore and many more.
We contract wholesalers or deal directly with textile mills to leverage on economies of scale. We collaborate with fashion graduates from top tier fashion schools in Asia, and bring these designs in-house. Finally, with our established network with logistics providers, we provide free shipping directly to your doorstep.
We do not cut corners in any aspect of our business model; producing stylish high-quality jewelry at affordable prices.



What's our strategy?
less is more
By going through selected mills to leverage on economies of scale
By collaborating with fashion graduates to bring about only the freshest and modern styles
By engaging only the most dedicated craftsman to produce our jewelries
By allowing our customers to buy solely online on our website to cut out fixed overheads
By tapping on our established delivery networks to ship directly to your home