Copy of Delivery & Shipping

We offer FREE standard international shipping on all orders worldwide.

However, do note that due to Covid-19 and the reduced flights around the world, our shipment to you will have a slight delay. But tracking will be available so fret not!


ALL orders are dispatched within 48 hours of purchase. This means that international orders will arrive 8 – 12 working days.





What can I expect from a standard shipping?

This is basically a slower but more cost effective delivery service, and this is usually done using major local carriers in your area. So there is still a certain level of reliability, if that is something you are worried about.


Will I receive shipping notifications?

Certainly! When it is made available, we will send out the tracking updates to make sure you receive updates along the way.


I haven’t received my order after 12 days. Why?

Fret not, because 8 – 12 days window is just an estimate. Just drop us an email, and our friendly logistics team will sort it out for you.



why are we able to offer FREE shipping?

That’s because our distribution center is located in one of the world’s most integrated air hub—which is not just famous for its chili crab. Singapore.



global airhub

We get to enjoy massive cost savings that result from the large freight movement going through one of the leading air cargo and logistics hub in the world.

boundless connectivity

We will skip the geographical positioning of Singapore; but being in Asia’s most strategic location means we can enjoy endless logistics network and ship to any part of the world.

enjoy savings

The result? Cost savings derived from one of the world’s largest air hub, which you get to enjoy while shopping with us!